Dynamic Quests

  • Dynamic Quests, or also known as "Grail Quests", are quests that can be done multiple times. Dynamic Quests are given by NPC's who wander their way around town with a Grail above their head, hence the term "Grail Quest". The most widely used quest is a quest given to you by a monk in the town of Silvest.
  • While doing Dynamic Quests you will have an unspecified time limit, take too long and you will get a quest update informing you that the quest has been terminated. If you talk to another NPC while on a quest it will terminate your current quest. There are also Dynamic Quests that have you escort the NPC to another town, if the NPC dies along the way the quest will be terminated.
  • The following Quests have been taken from They will be reworded in time to avoid plagiarism and honoring copyrighted information. Keep in mind that not all Dynamic Quests are listed.

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