Mistaken Identity Quest

This quest can be found in many towns throughout Krythan Island.

It begins with you speaking to an npc and the npc mistakenly believes you to be someone who is supposed to be in for a good deal on a magical item and they ask why you arent in the right town for the deal. You run to the town to find the person selling this rare item and find out it has been sold to someone else, but that they may still want to sell it. For this leg of the quest you receive 1000 experience pool points.

Now you must race to find the buyer to check if the item is still on the market, only to find out that one of the buyers rivals, Lord Drako, has stolen the item and has hidden it away in a town. For this leg you receive 1500 experience pool points.

You must go to the town and look for an npc that is in the employ of Drako the rival, this employee thinks you are a hired thug and gives you the item believing you will hurt him if he doesn't. Although he adds with a passing remark that it is a useless old axe. For this last leg of the quest you receive 2450 experience pool points.

You notice the flakes of rust on the axe are falling off and you are left standing with an enchanted axe. The axe can be a battle axe, sickle, halberd or double axe +1.

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